TRAIL PARADE – May 27th / June 1st 2024

The loop race around Maritime and Ligurian Alps with start and finish in Dolceacqua

Maritime and Ligurian Alps: a borderland between Italy and France, where hundreds of trails intersect, all different from each other, in many cases rugged and intricate, characteristics that make this area extraordinary, commonly recognized as a land of the sea but where instead there are woods and mountains to symbolize the deepest soul.
For decades these trails have welcomed generations of bikers who find here the ideal playground to grow, or rather “strengthen themselves”, as well as for local professional athletes, the main actors of some memorable pages of mountain biking.
In this place where different languages and cultures have met for ages, a small community of guides, race organizers, local clubs, trail-builders and two-wheel enthusiasts moves, committed to the development and defense of the trail heritage. Ancient trails together with more modern ones, the latter designed to support cycling, represent the primary infrastructure for a sporting activity that mixes the excitement of a time trial with the pleasure of sharing a ride with friends.
TRAIL PARADE was born here, a six-day enduro competition organized in the extended area between Western Liguria and the French and Italian Maritime Alps.

TRAIL PARADE is a stage race divided between a prologue and five subsequent days of racing, to discover an itinerary that starts from Dolceacqua and extends itself from the coasts of the Mediterranean up to the 2,000 meters of Colle di Tenda, made up of 21 special stages and a route of over 200 km, with sections covered by daily shuttle transfers.

“Blind” enduro race on natural trails: this is the essence of the TRAIL PARADE, enriched by the pleasure of sharing a memorable experience with new and old friends, in a context that will remain in your heart.