1. Definition 

Trail Parade is a six days enduro race which will take place from May 27th to June 1st in the Ligurian and Maritime Alps.

The race is divided in a prologue day, (that will define the starting grid) and five days of competition. 

The itinerary will consist in loop with timed and non-timed sections. The 2024 race consists of 21 timed sections and it

will start and finish in Dolceacqua – Italy.

During each day some of the non-timed sections will consist of shuttle transfers.

The average lenght of each day is around 40km, with 2000m (+ / -) of height difference and 3/4 timed sections. 

The timed sections are mainly downhill, on trails which consist of different natural obstacles.

The level of physical and technical difficulty of this competition requires good training and riding skills, with the ability to face a continuous week on the bike, added by potential adverse weather conditions and a condition of physical and psychological stress.

2. Registrations 

All riders who were interested in take part of this competition shall fill a pre-registration form. It’s mandatory to complete the form to finalize later the registration.

Once the pre-registration is approved an email will be sent with the details for the payment.

Once the payment is received the organizer will validate your registration.
Registrations will be opened from 10th November 2023 and will be closed on  or when the places will be completes. 

Registrations are limited to 60 riders. 

Entry fee is 2.150 € and there will be an “Early Bird” fee discounted at 1.890,00 € between 10th November 2023 and 10 Genuary 2024. 

By agreeing to participate at the race you confirm that you have well understood its nature and the difficulties and risks involved, considering that mountain biking and especially the discipline of competitive enduro are potentially dangerous activities.

3. Cancellation & Refund

The race organization has the right to cancel the full event or some race day or timed sections due to weather causes which endager riders or technichal issues. 

Cancellations or modifications will be communicated at briefing each day. 

In case of any disaster or medical restriction or safety reasons outside organization before the event, if the organizers thinks that this could endanger the riders, the route or the staff, the race could be completely cancelled.

In case of race cancellation before February 29th 2024, race entries will be 100% refunded. 

In case of documented illness or serious family problems from 11th November to Genuary 10th 2024 race entries will be 100% refunded. 

From Genuary 10th to April 24th race entries will be 50 % refunded, after this date it will no longer be possible to obtain a refund.

Certain travel insurance policies cover the refund of entry fees in the 

event of inability to participate – we strongly suggest to purchase 

such a policy. 

4. Classes 

Trail Parade registrations are opened to 18 years old and older (you must be 18 before the race begins) and there will be these different classes:

Men 18-29 / Men 30-39 / Men 40-49 / Men 50-69
Women 18-35 / Women 36-49 / Women 50-69

Elite/Pro riders will have a separate ranking.

5. Mandatory equipment 

Mobile Phone (with the possibility of being able to call from Italy and France);

GPS device or Phone APP with race tracks uploaded (provided by the organization at each briefing);

Full face helmet. (Removable chin guard helmet are allowed if labelled as “MTB Enduro Approved”). Knee guards, gloves (long), back protector or backpack with inside protector, glasses or goggles. 

Water bottle or backpack water bag.

Energy bars, energy gel, electrolytes in sufficient quantity to face each race day;


Long-sleeved thermal technical top;

Windstopper and/or waterproof jacket;

1 tube, pump or gas catdridges, tyre levers;


Basic first-aid kit and a thermal blanket;

Those racers that after inspection are found without this material could be penalized with an addition of 30 minutes to their race time.

6. Race format 

The race track is divided in Transfers (T) and Timed Sections (PS). The whole itinerary runs mostly through mountain trails and on double-tracks although is also possible to ride fire-road and/or roads on transfers to make this conections easier and safe. Timed sections (PS) are mostly based on downhill, with the eventuality of some short climbs.
There will be a scheduled start time routine for each rider, based on the prologue provisional timing. It will consider the nature of this race and the resulting pace. Each rider will start at 30 seconds or 1 minute between one and the other. There will be the possibility of mass or group starts. Timed sections will be marked at the start and the end. At each start and finish there will be a marshal.
If a participant reaches another rider in a timed section, they will have to respect the basic rules of race and safety. As far as possible the slower rider should facilitate proper advancement of the fastest.
Paddock start will depends on each day, the riders will start all together or in groups or individually.
The organization could invalidate for any reasons one or more timed sections or change trasfers timing.
Organization keeps their rights to modify each day the planned itinerary. All these changes will be communicated to riders at the briefing or by the marshals.

A fair play behaviour and common sense during the race are strongly reccomended to all the partecipants.

Any type of complaint must be communicated to the organization at the same time as the chip is read at the end of the race day.

7. Paddock and feed stations

The race includes a paddock as a lounge area, where participants can relax, obtain information and meet other bikers. In this place, race information will be given through daily briefings. A post-race medical and mechanical assistance will be present. This area can also host dinner in the evening.

Everyday there will be one feeding point with food, drinks and medical assistance.

8. Results 

Each day the results will be calculated with the amount of all the timing sections plus the possible penalties. Final results will be calculated with the amount of 6 days times. If a rider can’t complete any stage or can’t start one day or can’t finish a race-day complete, he could continue racing the next days and he will appear also at the race ranking after all the riders who completed all timing sections. 

9. Timing System 

The system used is SPORTident with one chip worn on the right wrist.

Each rider must activate the chip every morning after the briefing and in any case before the start from the paddock. 

Each rider is responsible for his own chip, loss or damage requires payment of 100,00 € to the organization.

10. Penalties

Not carrying any mandatory equipment: 30 minutes;

Not having GPX tracks on device: 10 minutes;

Not showing up within the time indicated during the briefings to read the chip at the end of the day: 30 minutes;

Arriving late at a timed section start: the delay time rounded up.

11. Disqualifying

Cutting or not following the trails or not respect the signals/tapes (during timed stages and transfers);

Be verbally or physically agressive to another rider, staff member or public;

Throwing garbage during the race out of feeding point;

Changing or removing itinerary signals;

Refusing to pass the checking of mandatory equipment;

Not helping to other rider who need help;

Not be present at the briefing;

Cause an accident due to lack of safety while overtaking another rider;

Ignore the organization’s provisions;

Ignore traffic laws during transfers on public roads.

12. Environment 

Enduro is an activity that has an impact to the enviroment and the mountain eco-system. Trail Parade promote the reduction of this impact. 

The race will take place on natural areas, somewhere protected for their importance and environmental interest. That’s why all riders and staff members will take care of making an effort to preserve the natural environment with these actions: 

Generate no garbage out of the authorized places;

Respecting local wildlife: not shouting, not collect flowers;

Respecting mountain workers and animals;

No shortcuts during the whole itinerary;

Respecting foot sections marked by the organization;

No trespass private properties;

Not pouring bike oils or leaving spare parts in the nature;
The breach of this rules could arrange penalties and sanctions to riders including disqualifying.

13. Additional equipment

Each partecipant is invited to bring 2 bags. One for the spare parts and one with clothing and personal effects, to be delivered to the organization that will take care of transporting it during the race.

Participate to the Trail Parade implies to fully accept these rules and authorize race medical services to practice any necessary cure and the compromise of abandone the race if the medic crew request it.

It also implies the acceptance to transfer image rights to the organization to publish video and photo or transfer them to thirds without time or place limitation to promote or diffusion of the event.

For any question or suggestion about this rules you can write an email to: info(at)